Digital Marketing Classes In Gurgaon

We provide SEO classes in Gurgaon Delhi/NCR . Here you will get opportunity to work on SEO live projects. The fees is very affordable to everyone.
Lets understand, what SEO is :-
SEO stand for search engine optimization. Its a process to optimized a website on Google and Other search engine. Its help a website to achieve higher ranking on search engines, when someone type keywords related to your services you see your website archive higher ranking then your competitors if your SEO is properly done as per Google policy.
There are 2 type of SEO
1. white hat SEO
2. Black hat SEO

White Hat SEO is techniques which done according to guideline of search engines. This technique help you to improve your keywords and website ranking. If we carefully follow the guideline set by google, we can achieve good results. Black Hat SEO is against the google guideline, In this process one achieve result in short time. but not recommenced for long term run.

Search working ways :-

Search engine work in 3 stages.
1. Crawling
Web crawler crawl all website and follow the link of other website. Every time crawler crawl to website it make a copy of URL and put that in index.
2. Indexing
Index is big digital library which contain copy of webs pages and website which is crawled by crawler.
3. Retrieval
In this stage search engine provide most relevant results to the searchers. For this process search engine use the algorithm for most relevant results.


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