How to achieve top place on Google Search Engine

If you want your Webpage top on the Google search engine, then you needs to take care of certain factors. Google roll out its on updates in the form of algorithm. According to recent update by google if your website has original content and good quality of landing page then your could perform better then your competitors. Also you needs to make sure you have high quality of back-link coming to your website. Now days Content is king for SEO(search engine optimization).

6 Unique SEO tips get you on top of Google

1. Work on RankBrain
RankBrain is Google machine learning system, RankBrain is used to handle unique query that have never asked to Google. In order to get Google attention we needs to create unique content that give solution to that query.

2. Optimized you local presence
We should always optimized our Webpage on local presence to get better results. this we can do by putting our business on Google my Business page, use local keywords which related the business, business images etc.

3. Participation in forums
If we participate in forums and answer the query in a right way, this will help you indirectly to achieve your search engine results.

4. Use Social Media
Social Media is a platform where you connect with billion of people with your interest and category. This platform is helpful to generates lead for your business.

5. Content Writing
Now days content is king for SEO. If you write a original content about any services which help other to get desired answer then this may considers as a positive factor for your website.

6. Responsive and Speed
Your website needs to a responsive so that any user can view your services on mobile and laptops as well. optimized you website speed by 2 seconds or less.


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